Leading story...


 Light your candle, close your eyes, and picture this for a moment: it’s a warm summer night and the air is buzzing with love, excitement and anticipation.

It’s the shortest night of the year and thousands of young women across villages busy themselves with collecting the most beautiful flowers they can find. Later on, they’ll turn them into flower crowns designed to serve a higher purpose.  Meanwhile, young men in the villages practice their jumping skills and brag about their acts of bravery from prior months.  

Elders gather to observe and smile as they remember this special night. Their stories are shared and folk traditions are invoked.

Fire pits are lit and placed over riverbanks. Sweet music from fiddles and harmonicas fill the air. Giggling girls hurry to finish their wreaths. Whispers of love echo through the air! Tonight is the night for many!

         Now, look at the guys leaping over the fire (hoping their practice paid off). Faces red, theireyes sparkling, and only one question on their mind..Did she see me?

         Once finished with their wreaths, the young girls approach the river in secret! They light their wreaths, place it in the river, and trust mother nature to deliver.

 Downstream the young men vie to fish them out after leaping across the fires. When they return their match will be revealed. New young couples bonded together by faith and nature are holding hands while circling the fire of life. Their eyes, stars, and sparks of flame are merging into one love story. Later on, winter will bring weddings, and spring will bring babies. Nature, humans and traditions – your past and your future!

Now, open your eyes and look at your candle - this flame is still here for you!



Let's Learn Tarot...

Short, to the point, Polish style...


First, please go and purchase a Tarot deck with simple pictures and bright colors. An investment of 12 -20$. Don't be overwhelmed by decks that are very artistic and sophisticated. A simple edition of Smith-White or Rider-Waite will do the job!

 Everyday events: THE MINOR ARCANA-Fire, Water, Coins,  and Wands, represent all the earth elements we are born into. We are made of them and we can experience them on a daily basis.  Most of the time, the bigger the number, the more involved we are with the situation. When one is just at the beginning of an idea or plan, the ten will bring some kind of resolution and completion! Let's start. Take a look below! All of these elements are representations of their suite . When you wake up, and have this first thought...this is it...your powerful gift of the beginning of creation. What do you want to do with it ?


Tango with the SWORDS


In the very moment you are born, you take a breath! That’s simple; you become You right then. When you are ready to go, you give your last breath back to the Mother Nature!

 -That’s haw you are connected to this element! 

Please to remember, that Air, (represented by Swords) is very mental. Represents logic, thinking, science and reasoning. You can experience craziness, outrage, “Aha moments” and all-knowing within the swords suit!

Don’t trust them, watch your back, and learn from them!

So lets tango with the Swords-read them by pair, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10!