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My Story, My Purpose: Renata

This is an introduction to my life as an experienced Tarot Card Reader; in the light of my profession in the medical field and Master's Degree in Education. The purpose and sole focus of the services offered through my website is to provide and to guide others on their journey towards self discovery.  As a Tarot advisor, I use my knowledge to help YOU understand where YOU are going and where YOU belong.

My ancestry comes from the rich traditions of the East European culture. During my childhood and youth, communism and Catholicism were all mixed together. It thought me to be open and observant.

In my old country, I obtained a Master's Degree in Education.  This allowed me to effectively and professionally communicate with others.

Once I left eastern Europe, I found my place here in America, where I began a new life. Here, I found my  calling- helping others. It lead me to obtain a second degree, in the medical field as a surgical nurse. In a search for more meaning to my life I become a Reiki healer, Pranic Healing adept, and an enthusiastic Tarot card reader. The magic of the cards captured my soul and psyche; which allows me to stream rich and meaningful messages to you. 

Through my chosen path in health care, combined with my former Master's Degree in education, along with a deep psychic intuition, I've started serving people as a intuitive, psychic Tarot Advisor.  Ten years of self discovery, focusing on learning and listening are here to be shared with YOU. 


I obtained courage from my grandpa, gained wisdom from my grandma, and breathed mystic stories from my culture to see the road of endless possibilities.
— Renata

Get a message from beyond this dimension infused with transformation!  As a tarot adviser Renata brings all her experiences together, to help you understand where you going and where you belong.

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