Welcome to Tarot Transformation! Renata is an Eastern European professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer and Life Coach. She connects with each individual clients’ energy to provide them with a reading that assists one in gaining insight and clarity in their professional and private life. During a session, Renata encompasses her formal Masters degree in Education combined with the spiritual realm and the touch of mystery.

In the modern world the root word “trans” is becoming very prevalent. Many variations of the same phrase have one thing in common: They consist of movement and change versus stagnation. Trans connects the point of origin to a new future. Tarot Transformation is is here to help you find new solutions and shift your focus if needed! Perhaps Tarot Transformation will change the way you experience your reality and assist you in reaching a decision.  Please take a minute and have a look around the site.

For your convenience, you can book your appointment after reviewing the type of reading that interests you via shop or self-scheduling options.